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Dust Extractor 80 Litre - DX3000 (12339)


The Record Power DX3000 dust extractor is a powerful - 1kw -  versatile high filtration extractor system with a suction capacity of 54 Litres per second. The dust is taken through a re -enforced flexible 100mm hose and inlet to get the maximum effect to clear debris away from the workpiece - and even more importantly - away from the user - providing a cleaner and safer working environment.

This Record power DX3000 has a metal drum type collection chamber for waste - chippings - etc. It has a hard strong plastic top which houses the operation switch - and gives easy access for quick and easy waste disposal.

Capacity: 80 Litre.
Motor: 1 x 1kw.
Size: 630 x 660 x 490 mm.
Weight: 18 kg.
0.5 micron filter.