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Dust Extractor - CX2600 (12337)


This Record power RPTCX2600 dust extractor is ideal for the serious user.

The extra wheels and longer hose enables this unit to be moved easily for servicing different machines.

A impeller system sucks the dust and particles through the separation system before directing the waste chippings into the collection bag. The filter system then cleans the air and releases it back into the workshop.

The large capacity of this chip collector makes it the perfect addition to any workshop where large amounts of chippings are being produced.

The Record Power CX2600 machine has four sturdy wheels which make it fully portable and adds to its versatility. With a hose length of 2500mm fitted with a hose connector - it can be easily fitted to any machine with a standard 100 mm extraction port.

The powerful motor keeps the machine running at maximum speed - filtering to 5 microns. Heavy -duty securing clips keep both the filter bag and collection bag firmly in place with no play or fear of coming loose.

CX2600 Specifications;
Filtration: 5 micron.
Hose length: 2 - 500 mm.
Air flow: 1000 m3/h.
Pressure differential Pa: 1 - 200.
Capacity: 100 litres.
Motor: 230V / 50 Hz.
Input P1: 0.60 kW.
Output P2: 0.37 kW.
Motor speed 1/min: 2 - 780.
Weight: 31.5 kg.
Dimensions: 1850 mm (height) x 415 mm (width) x 650 mm (depth).

Not suitable For MDF.