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Planer Thicknesser 10in x 6In - PT260 (12330)


The heart of any planer is the table and bed - so with the Record power RPTPT260 it features a cast iron thicknessing bed for strength and rigidity and also boasts a 150mm thicknessing capacity.

This Record power PT260 has specially hardened surfacing table -  which is a generous 1 metre in length to hold larger work pieces - and will plane boards up to 260mm wide.

The powerful 2 -1/4hp induction motor enables the machine to remove up to 3mm in a single pass.

Beware cheap copies and imitations of our timeless classic - they often use cheaper components (such as aluminium thicknessing tables) and poor quality motors - electrics and switches.

Record power have sold thousands of RPTPT260 over many years and have continually upgraded and improved components and features - so that you will get the best results time after time with this planer thicknesser. It will give you confidence for the toughest of job applications.

Max depth of cut : 3 mm.
Thicknessing: 150 mm.
Planing : 260 mm.
Motor power (output ): 2 1/4hp.
Size: H914 x W280 x L1200 mm.
Weight: 80kg.